Lust List: 6 Dress Trends You Simply Must Have This Spring

New season, new dress code! We’ve rounded up spring’s top dress styles to make navigating the new season just a little bit easier… From cowl necks and colorways you just can’t pass up, to this summer’s hottest silhouettes and what to wear with it all—read on!

(1) COWL NECK>> Just because cold weather is coming to a close doesn’t mean you can’t hang on to one of your favorite sweater styles. The cowl neck dress is not only super flattering (hugging your bod in all the right places) but it puts dramatic drapery center-stage and is ever so easy to take from day to night. Just wear with a cute ankle boot and pull out the platforms for a quick, en-route-to-happy-hour transition. 

Clockwise, from top left: (1) Silk Robbie Cowl Dress, $139, SKU # 176532; (2) Tatum Contrast Strap Dress, $98, SKU # 176708; (3) Pleated Drape Skirt Dress, $98, SKU # 176554; (4) Large Mesh Hoop Earring, $19, SKU # 180261; (5) Chain Bangle Set, $34, SKU # 173028.

(2) BLACK & WHITE>> This ever-chic color combo is a classic for a reason: It’s flattering, timeless and says “I just stepped off the yacht,” boasting a sweet summer glow. This season, look for white dresses with black color-blocking for an of-the-moment take on the classic combo.

Clockwise, from top left: (1) bebe Addiction Strappy Colorblock V-Neck Dress, $129, SKU # 177988; (2) Lilia Corset Dress, $139, SKU # 176226; (3) Bodycon Striped Dress, $39, SKU # 179453; (4) Zahara Leather Slingback Platform Sandal, $149, SKU # 112687; (5) Contrast Zipper Tote, $98, SKU # 145040.

(3) SIDE-SWEPT DRAPE: Whether you’re dressing up for an evening occasion or heading to Sunday brunch with the girls, this off-to-the-side drape makes for a perfect balance of comfort and chic. The silhouette is loose and easy going, but also dramatic and gorgeous. Wear with a strappy shoe and a long, cascading earring to up the fit-for-a-goddess vibes.

Clockwise, from top left: (1) Ribbon Leopard Print Dress, $179, SKU # 176530; (2) Silk Drape Halter Dress, $139, SKU # 176835; (3) Gold Trim Asymmetric Dress, $129, SKU # 176526; (4) Linear Encased Crystal Earring, $24, SKU # 176265; (5) Deena Strappy Sandal, $139, SKU # 174773.

(4) LITTLE WHITE DRESS: Nothing evokes crisp, clean and “wow, what a great tan!” as much as an LWD. If you can’t quite get down with the minimalist mantra, think of this dress as a blank canvas—perfect for showcasing a punch of summer turquoise, your glowing new summer skin regime or a bright pink lip shade.

Clockwise, from top left: (1) One Shoulder Pleated Jersey Dress, $109, SKU # 176642; (2) Lilia Cutout Linen Dress, $129, SKU # 173587; (3) Embroidered Cotton Tie Back Dress, $149, SKU # 176311; (4) Chain Frills Clutch, $79, SKU # 153142; (5) Tribal Stone Fringe Necklace, $29, SKU # 177379.

(5) HALTER: Whether you wear it loose and flowy or as a slick bodycon, one of the season’s most flattering silhouettes is surely the halter dress. Not only does it emphasize cleavage but it elongates the neck, highlights the shoulders, collarbones and the upper part of your back, while still allowing you to wear a bra. To finish off the look, a tall nude heel and an extended fringe earring will add to the long, lean silhouette.

Clockwise, from top left: (1) Blossom Twisted Halter Dress, $139, SKU # 177046; (2) Gold Trim Halter Minidress, $119, SKU # 176546; (3) Twisted Halter Dress, $109, SKU # 174643; (4) Two-Tone Chainmail Earring, $24, SKU # 176052; (5) Grace Peep Toe Sandal, $129, SKU # 174776.

(6) THE NEW NUDE: Neutrals are almost always a hit, but this season we’re especially enamored with extra detailing on our little nude dresses. Anything from an all-over mesh texture to ruffles to a metallic sheen are sure to spice up your mood for nudes. Gold accents go great to complete the look.

Clockwise, from top left: (1) Zipper Trim Mesh Dress, $139, SKU # 176696; (2) Metallic Lace Print Dress, $98, SKU # 178335; (3) Silk Ruffle Zip Front Dress, $139, SKU # 176700; (4) Zahara Slingback, $149, SKU # 167510; (5) Field Leather Satchel, $149, SKU # 175173.

~ by bebe on March 24, 2011.

8 Responses to “Lust List: 6 Dress Trends You Simply Must Have This Spring”

  1. The drape on that long mauve dress is to die fuh zoeexoxo$

    • Hello Folks! So looking fowrard to the upcoming 55 miles of art. So much to do getting ready for it and looking fowrard to all of the people sharing the work of so many great artists! Remember October 1-3, 2010, from Navasota thru Bryan /College Station, on to Hearne and the Railroad Depot and then on to the galleries in Calvert . (Or vice-versa!) Just made to have fun! See you along the Hwy. 6!

  2. You used to have such great designs I think you need new designers these look like 1st year design school items. What happened to the sportswear, hoodies etc. I used to buy quite often from BeBe but haven’t found anything really exciting in a couple of years. sad

  3. Before 2008, bebe’s design was girlish, sweet, young and morden. But,on this year 2011 bebe has changed the design for older ages, so i hard to find bebe clothes i like, not even one of the dress above. disappointed!

  4. I agree with the other comments. The past couple years I have not been a fan of Bebe apparel. I used to love the fashions from season to season and I’ve been a fan of Bebe since the early 90’s. This year I fell ln love with the Melia caged sandal and bought black and tan. Everything else, including the handbags haven’t made me say “wow”.

    What happened Bebe???

  5. I agree with your comments.I can remeber when I would by everything that Bebe had.Now I can’t even find a dress. The designers are designing for my mom and I am 30. Bring the 90’s back Bebe.

  6. Yes I agree with the other comments as well. I’m so sorry I never leave comments, but bebe is the only store I ever shop. I have a gift card, and still haven’t used it. I can’t find anything I really like. Forever 21 has cuter stuff, and I don’t want to buy there I want to buy here. You guys are my favorite. please please bring it back. Where else am I going to go. I’m a die hard fan!!!

  7. I think some of the clothes are still true bebe and fun to wear. My only compliant is that some of the dresses look too “hoochie-mama” instead of sexy. Over exposed is not classic sexy. And I’m OVER the one-shoulder look. Let’s stop with the Kardashian influence also. Just bebe.

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