Style Seen: 3 Bloggers, 3 Ways to Wear “bebe for 90210”

The CW show may be all about California’s hottest zip code, but we couldn’t resist taking the bebe for 90210 collaboration coast-to-coast to see how the different styling measures up. Here, 3 of our favorite bloggers-du-jour (from LA to NYC) put their own spin on the crisp, California classics that make up the summer collection. Read on as the bloggers talk top trends for summer + where they get their style inspiration!

Which look do you like best?

(1) DULCE>>

NAME: Dulce

BLOG: Dulce Candy


WHY I LOVE THIS ROMPER: I love the way the jumper drapes my frame. Not to mention, the lightweight fabric that’s perfect to keep me cool during the hot weather months.

STYLUST: Describe your style in 3 words.

DULCE: Eclectic. Glamorous. Feminine.

STYLUST: What’s your go-to outfit when you can’t find anything else to wear?

DULCE: My go-to look consists of vintage t-shirts with boyfriend shorts and classic black flats.

STYLUST: Where do you get your style inspiration?

DULCE: My mom is my biggest style inspiration ever since I was a little girl. She always looks put-together and has an envious wardrobe.

STYLUST: What top 5 clothing and/or accessory essentials are you currently coveting most for summer?

DULCE: I’m currently obsessed with rompers, flared-out 60’s style skirts, bright blazers, chunky rose gold watches, and my snakeskin skinny belt.

STYLUST: What do you like most about the 90210 saga?

DULCE: I LOVE the original 90210. My favorite part has to be the clothing. I always look back and get inspired by what they wore and try in some ways to incorporate it into my style.

(2) LESLIE>>

NAME: Leslie

BLOG: Le Fur Coat

BLOGGING SINCE: Barely a year ago…

WHY I LOVE THIS DRESS: The cut is perfect. It’s a great summer dress!

STYLUST: Describe your style in 3 words.

LESLIE: Simple, classic, fun.

STYLUST: What’s your go-to outfit when you can’t find anything else to wear?

LESLIE: For day, my go-to outfit would be my black coated jeans, a drapey tee and combat boots. At night I always end up wearing black tights with black shorts, a big tee/tank, and a blazer.

STYLUST: Where do you get your style inspiration?

LESLIE: Mainly from my surroundings, both people and places. Definitely New York.

STYLUST: What top 5 clothing and/or accessory essentials are you currently coveting most for summer?

LESLIE: Comfy tees, vintage shorts, sunglasses, Chanel wallet, and a new swimsuit.

(3) TESS>>

NAME: Tess Pare-Mayer

BLOG: The Little Black List

BLOGGING SINCE: A little over a year…

WHY I LOVE THIS ROMPER:  Not only is it effortless (just one piece of clothing necessary!) but the cut, with the low V in front and open back is sooo sexy.

STYLUST: Describe your style in 3 words.

TESS: Unruly, distinct, variegated.

STYLUST: What’s your go-to outfit when you can’t find anything else to wear?

TESS: Nighttime in New York is easy: sequin mini dress or disco pants with a baggy silk tank or cropped button down, ultra tall heels, and you’re all set. Daytime is trickier because I just wear whatever suits my mood that day. It could be anything from a tulle petticoat to a vintage peasant top, or a sequin top with ripped cut-off shorts. AND loads of jewelry.

STYLUST: Where do you get your style inspiration?

TESS: My mother always has and always will be the biggest influence on my style. She was not only immaculately dressed and accessorized, but she also gave me the freedom to express myself through clothing since I was old enough to talk. As far as being inspired, life is inspiring!! I live in the craziest, most outspoken, ever-evolving, diverse city in the world. There’s an infinite supply of music, magazines, new people, changing weather, art exhibits, clothing stores and food to find and experience. I don’t seek out inspiration. It’s an organic process where I see or enjoy something and its subconsciously translated into fashion. Fashion for me is art.

STYLUST: What top 5 clothing and/or accessory essentials are you currently coveting most for summer?

TESS: Prada runway sunnies, neon rhinestone bib necklaces and anything 70’s inspired (clothing, accessories and ideals). Long flowing beachy hair, with floral headbands, stacks of huge cuffs, turquoise and coral jewelry, flared jeans…it all reminds me of my mother. Hippie love!

STYLUST: What do you like most about the 90210 saga?

TESS: I was a HUGE fan of the original 90210. The cars, boys, parties, fights and moral dilemmas they faced were all-consuming to my friends and I. But as I look back at it, my FAVORITE part was BRENDA WALSH. That character is actually one of my style icons right now…

Tune in to the CW tonight at 8pm to see more bebe for 90210 items featured on the cast!

~ by bebe on May 9, 2011.

81 Responses to “Style Seen: 3 Bloggers, 3 Ways to Wear “bebe for 90210””

  1. I love how Dulce wears it! the two other girls are also beautiful of course!..

  2. I feel like Dulce wore it the best. The other two girls are beautiful, but Dulce looked better.

  3. Dulce’s look is effortless, easy. Yet classy and sexy. It’ also a timeless look. Were as the othertwo although just as beautiful, there looks are for the moment.

  4. I am prejudice…I love Dulce so of course I’m going to vote for her outfit lol. But I love the second girls styling as well. She has good taste, but Dulce will always be my favorite!

  5. I definitely love Dulce’s look. the other to looks are good, but Dulce is my favorite

  6. I thought Dulce’s look mad her look a bit chubby

  7. Dulce’s look looks cheap, the other 2 girls have a much better sense of style.

  8. The first girl seems to try to hard, mixing to many styles all at once; touch make-up. The other girls look natural.

  9. Oops too many mistakes, silly phone. The first girl seems to try too hard, to much going on. The other girls look effortless and much more natural.

  10. Love Dulce’s style so chic love how she accessories her outfit. Will go out and look for that roomper!

  11. I love the second girls outfit- very simple and classy. I watch dulce on youtube but don’t like this outfit at all. sorry 😦

  12. I like leslie’s the most. Looks very versatile and comfortable. Dulce’s is boring with tacky creativity. The colors and pattern don’t go at all. Tess’ also looks boring but it looks like she put a little more effort than dulce.

  13. Dulce’s look is safe and boring. Leslie’s is fun and classy. Tess is good for everyday normal wear.

  14. I love Dulce she looks great love her style

  15. I like Dulce’s better, Tess’s does not look cute at all. Leslie’s would only look good on a girl as tall and as skinny as her..not your everyday kinda girl.

  16. I visited tess’ blog and her other outfits are way better. This was the wrong outfit to choose for this interview. Comparing all the blogs, I like tess’ best, followed by Leslie, then dulce. I don’t care about body size, I’m rating based on fashion sense. In terms of the outfits, Leslie does it best.

  17. I love the casual aspect of Leslie’s outfit..however with out a shadow of a doubt Dulce’s ensemble is much better..I love her quriky styles…and the fact that she plays with fabric textures it adds a uniqueness to the outfit..x

  18. the only reason why Dulce’s outfit looks better is because her photos are over photoshopped. My fav is Leslie’s

  19. Love Leslie’s… it really shows off her personal style. Tess’ is great as well. Even though hers wasnt my fav, I can see her personal style with what she’s wearing and I’ll always give people props for that. As far as Dulce’s outfit, it looks cheap and she’s trying way to hard to be a “fashionista”. It seems like she’s one of those that copies trends and whatever she sees in magazines as opposed to trying to put her personal touches to the outfit. I think she put more effort into her makeup and into photshopping the heck out of her photos, which wasnt the point of this.

  20. I love Tess’ and Leslie’s. Im a city girl and their styles just reminds me of all the effortless yet fashionable women that I see on the streets on NY everyday. I never saw Dulce’s blog until today and from what I see, she’s trying way too hard and her outfits dont look effortless and honest. Girl needs to get rid of the photoshop and try to figure out what personal sense of style really is. No one likes a wannabe!

    • It sounds like we have a HATER in our hands…Back down! i would love to see your outfits and what you think fashion is.. WANNABE!


  22. I love Leslie’s look the most, it was classic and elegant but still something the modern day fashionista could wear during the day or night. She looked gorgeous!

  23. Loved Leslie’s look, it’s so effortless and classy

  24. Leslie’s look was effortless and simple yet still very chic, her look was my favorite. Dulce’s look was made a little more fun with the cheetah print but I didn’t like all the over sized bangles. Tess’ look was casual but unfortunately not my style at all, though I appreciate her unique way of accessorizing the look.

  25. Leslies look is the best, very sophisticated & classy.

  26. Dulce all the way! I’m a loyal fan of hers and she’s definitely one of my inspirations when it comes to fashion. She takes fashion from the past and the now and makes it her own. the other two are great too but Dulce gets my vote hands down.

  27. Dulces looks too “done” and photoshoped, her style is effortless. My fav has to be Leslie, she is causal and chic and you can tell that she has style and isn’t a wannabee

    • i think Dulce looks extremely tacky, its so sad that they gave her an actuall oppurtunity to shine yet she still cant change the way she always transforms 
      all her outfits into looking extremely tacky. Its sad that other actual bloggers who have style are not given these opportunities, she only gets by on her youtube fame. It makes me upset she is the only latina blogger portrayed and she makes us look cheap, red romper and glitter heals? what was she thinking !!! money defenitely does not buy style.


      • REALLY??? both of you arejust mad because your not up there and have an actual oppurtunity like she did! HA, you two must be so UPSET because unlike DULCE, your wardrobes suck! Stop hating already and get a life!

  28. I love how Dulce styled her outfit, from the jewelry to the shoes, everything is perfect. I give her a 10+ !!

  29. Dulce has my vote, for sure.

  30. dulce looks cheap..the other two look gorgeous..leslie u rock it girl

  31. Love Dulce Candy Outfit1 and she looks the best!

  32. This is such a hater comment… give the girl some credit she’s only 5ft! Do you expect her to be 5ft10 like the other girls? She is NATURALLY small… she can’t grow limbs out of nowhere!

  33. i love Dulce i watch her youtube and follow her blog. but i have to say i love how Leslie is wearing it so chic looks like she just threw it on . Leslie wears it the best .

  34. the last girl doesn’t look good did she even try

  35. The first girl’s outfit is just ok… nothing special however I just visited her blog and she seems very petite/short and doesnt seem to know how to dress for her body size. She did try though, so I give her an A for effort. In my opinion Leslie’s outfit is the best. It looks so effortless and chic. Tess’ outfit was pretty cool too but not my style. My vote goes to Leslie!

  36. My vote is for dulce I always love her outfits, there always bright & not boring.

  37. I love Leslie’s outfit she looks simple but classy

  38. I love dulces outfit! all the girls did amazing but dulce has got my vote! 🙂

  39. Dulce all the way baby! She always knows how to put an outfit together! I mean just look at her, she looks gorgeous!

  40. dulce lookstotally cheap and tries too hard too look fashionable.and she doesnt look good……..that romper just doesnt look good on her she takes the elegance away from the romper ,i think cuz shes too short..she looks too short

  41. i know dulce is noting special she’s an average street girl.very boring and she will NEVER make it as a fashion icon nor a fashion student or watever shes going for….short people like her just dont look good in anything..

    • Are you serious? I cannot believe this ignorance: “short people like her just dont look good in anything..” I won’t try to even go into explaining the many things wrong with this statement, let alone in your entire comment. You’re not worth my time.

    • LMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO! Sad pathetic ;(

  42. I love Dulce! I loved this outfit on her. Her fashion sense is similar to mine so obviously I would vote for her. People shouldn’t hate so much when we’re voting on which STYLE we like. Not height, weight, or whatever.

  43. Dulce wears it best love the way she looks the outfit goes excellent with her skintone Tess id my least favorite on this outfit. I give it up to dulce on this one


    • Why exactly does she look like a “ghetto girl”? And how would this impair her ability to make it into the fashion industry whatsoever? Her appearance and how she dresses herself is no indication whatsoever of the talent she may have. Have you SEEN Betsey Johnson and the way she dresses? You could say she looks like a psychotic neon cat-lady but because of her vision and immense talent, she’s an extremely well-respected icon in the fashion world. There are many many examples but I’ll leave it at that.
      Also, while I can’t say I’ve looked at the other two girl’s blogs, I could assume that people like you might even prefer them to Dulce simply because they’re white (would you be as quick to call a non-ethnic girl “ghetto”?) and modelesque. I could be wrong, but I’m sure their body-types don’t hurt in influencing some people to like their styling better.

      • I agree Vanessa. How are we defining “ghetto” identity? Let’s be real and recognize that most of the current fashion trends tagged as “urban” inspired come from the said ghetto. And regardless of your opinion on Dulce Emmily, the fact is that she is trying to make her dreams and aspirations come true. Whether you prefer her look or not one should not put down someone elses dreams…I have found that most people who take that route do so because they are not working or succeeding in their own dreams. It’s very easy to place judgement when you are sitting at home anonymously behind a computer.

    • Ladies, I wasn’t aware of who exactly Dulce was (unlike the 24,000+ people who currently follow her blog), but let me just say I was so intrigued by her, and her sense of style that I spent an hour and a half viewing her website! And for that alone – I think she is an amazing young woman. I’m sure she won’t think twice about what Emmily posted above – she doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl that would take such a thing to heart. Thank you Emmily for showing us all how petty and obnoxious you are. Great job…(leaves to go back to Ducle’s site).

  45. I believe a woman should always look well put together, whether she is going casual or all-out. For that reason, my vote stays with Leslie most. Here in the UK we call what Dulce’s wearing a playsuit. The playsuit fits her better than it does Tess.

    I feel like amongst all three girls, Tess looks the least put together, and somewhat unkept and messy because her accessories clash with her outfit. Leslie is the most classy and chic as she’s gone with the understated and very girly look. It’s almost dainty, which adds to the understated character of the dress.

    Dulce looks glamorous and feminine, but I feel like her look is more all-out than the others. However, because she is petite her choice of simple heels elongate her legs and don’t take the attention away from her torso and playsuit.

  46. Dulce’s looks best! Everyone else saying it looks “cheap” is just jealous. The question was “Which look do you like best?” NOT “Which look do you like best,and also add a hateful comment” All the girls hating on her need to get a life!

  47. He visto esta pagina por medio de la entrevista de Dulce Candy y me gusto mucho!les dejo mi blog para que lo visiten.Yo soy de Argentina y amo la moda.Saludos y Éxito!

  48. i really like the way leslie and the other girl ook but the first girl.i believe its dulce..she looks kinda tacky and not fashionable i would say sheis trying way to hard..she looks photo shopped and cheap to me but nice try.

  49. […] Style Seen: 3 Bloggers, 3 Ways to Wear “bebe for 90210″ The CW show may be all about California’s hottest zip code, but we couldn’t resist taking the bebe for 90210 […] […]

  50. I agree…Dulces outfit looks cheap…but i do like her(not a hater comment). I like the second girls style the most.

  51. My comment had nothing to do with her height…i didn’t even think about the girls’ height lol. i’m looking at the outfits…

  52. TO VANESSA why do you keep defending dulce are you a lesbian or somthing and as far as it goes i agree dulce looks cheap….like it or not

  53. wow these comments are out of control, love it…TESS is without question the hottest, then the second chick

    come check out a guys POV on fashion

  54. I love dulce she’s amazing fashion icon very sweet humble girl .. and who ever said short girls can’t wear anything is obviously ignorant and insecure with them selves .. and she does not look over done and cheap. Jealous people if you guys were given the opportunity to do this you would have jumped on it .So before u go and start talk about her re- evaluate your own lives

  55. Ladies! We agree these comments are getting a little out of control…We want to interject that STYLUST is a place for respectful feedback and discussion. These are real people, putting themselves out there, and we’d appreciate you treating them with respect — whether you like their look or not. On that note, we think that each of them are absolutely beautiful and stylish in their very own ways, which is why we posted them. Thank you for your kindness! xoxo, bebe

  56. I like all three looks! Dulce’s look is dressier, love the bracelets. Leslie’s and Tess’ look is more of a casual/weekend kind of look. But if I had to vote it would be for Dulce.

  57. I vot Dulce definately the best the second one doesnt seem very put together and the last one did not put any effort.Dulce has a nice exotic feel and her skin tone is great. The other girls are nothing new talk about boring!

  58. I follow Dulce’s blog but I prefer Leslie’s look. It’s something that I would see myself wearing. I don’t like Tess’ at all.

  59. I like Dulce’s look the best. It looks classy, effortless, and pretty. The other looks seems to me like mismatch and not well put together. I’d rather go for a more put together classy looks like Dulce. Her look makes me want to go buy the clothing more than the other girls. I can relate to her more.

  60. i don’t know all these ladies but am a bebe client since. so i am giving my fair opinion to all three. i am really not into their styles, but i can see myself wearing leslie for casual dog walk in the park or grocery shopping minus the heels and that humungous bag.she seems effortlessly natural and sophisticated in taste. i won’t comment on dulce becoz i know there’s a lot of girls here and there who thinks it’s hot and high fashion. well, i guess to each it’s own. but i am not into her fashion, though i seen bebe’s model looking great, sophisticated and put together in that outfit. the bebe model was wearing a polka dot romper w/ very little accessory and it looks chic to far as tess, i am not so sure and i don’t know if i call it fashion. Oh okay!…dulce’s fashion is more like snooki minus the tan and big hair. btw , i don’t watch jersey shore, though she constantly appear on shows and famous for i don’t know the talents and so are the kardashians. i guess nowadays, u can be famous for nothing and i give them props for that.

  61. The first girl looks very pretty and well put together. I like the way she styled the outfit.
    The second one looks a little like she’s trying too hard to be an “effortless” fashionista. She’s pretty but her outfit and hair make her look like she’s doing the walk of shame.
    The third one did a good job of hippie chic but I don’t really care for her shoes. Other than that, she has a nice, fun sense of style.

  62. DULCE IS DESTINED TO A UNHAPPY MISERABLE LIFE WiTH THE WAY SHE’S GOING .she is ful of vanity and selg glory…….

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