Cool Job Alert: A Glimpse Inside the Day-to-Day of Our Public Relations Manager

This month, we’d like you to meet our Public Relations Manager, Alexis! You may already follow her on twitter, or feel like you know her from all her A-list Look Lust recaps and Red Carpet Commentary here on STYLUST, but now we’re giving you an up-close, like-literally-inside-her-closet look at what it’s really like to be the Public Relations Manager here at bebe! Read on for all the dirt…

NAME: Alexis Avery Cittadine

TITLE: Public Relations Manager


DIRECT REPORT: I report to the Senior Director of Corporate Communications.

STYLUST: Who do you work closely with on a regular basis?

ALEXIS: As the Public Relations Manager I work closely with many departments within the company. Our Senior Director of Corporate Communications and I tackle a variety of different projects—from media outreach and social media, to events, product placement and celebrity outreach. I also work closely with the design and merchandising teams to preview our upcoming merchandise and fulfill sample requests in order to garner press in various magazines, and for celebrity outreach as well. I then oversee our Public Relations & Events Coordinator, who helps me make it all happen!

STYLUST: What school did you go to and what degree(s) did you obtain?

ALEXIS: I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona. My major was Communications.

STYLUST: How did you get your start in public relations?

ALEXIS: My career began here at bebe, 13 years ago!  I was out of college doing temp work and got placed here (I could not have been more excited). I was working at the front desk manning the phones and caught the eye of our founder, Manny Mashouf.  He liked my style, so he’d have me go shopping and bring back my finds from the weekend for inspiration—it was like a dream come true! After 6 months, I was promoted to Public Relations Assistant, and voilà, here I am 13 years later…

STYLUST: What exactly do you do now? Describe a typical day.

ALEXIS: A typical day here involves checking all the blogs and wire services in the morning for celebs wearing bebe, and getting the message out to various social media outlets if they have worn something. All day long we get emails from magazine editors requesting samples from our lookbooks for stories they are working on. We then round up the samples and send them out to NYC.  We also have various stylists coming in on a daily basis pulling for various shoots and red carpet events.

STYLUST: What’s the best part about your job? The worst?

ALEXIS: The best part of the job is being in an industry that excites me. It’s always changing and everyday is a new chapter. I thrive on the fast-pace of it—it’s definitely never boring! But at the same time, the worst part is the fast-pace (LOL). It can be never-ending, so you never feel quite caught-up.

STYLUST: Do you have any parting advice to share with our readers interested in pursuing PR?

ALEXIS: Be willing to put in the time to reap the rewards. If you are passionate about what you do, you can achieve anything.  Start out as an intern or temp—it’s a great way to get your foot in the door and make connections. Remember it’s always about who you know, so treat everyone with respect and do the time…it will pay off!

~ by bebe on May 20, 2011.

12 Responses to “Cool Job Alert: A Glimpse Inside the Day-to-Day of Our Public Relations Manager”

  1. Hi Alexis,

    My name is Rachelle I have a few questions for you. Im Currently finishing up for my diploma very excited about the whole fashion industry. What exactly should I major in as far as fashion goes? Also what could you recommend the best way to get my foot in the door? Being as tho Im in North Carolina..what would be some great places to intern? Im in need of your advice, because I have always had a passion for FASHION. Thanks Alexis I appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “Well first you need to think what you might want to do in the fashion industry-is it PR, buying, production or design? Once you figure that out then I would try and base my major more around that. I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do exactly either but felt by picking Communications as my major I could use it almost in any job I would end up in. Being that you are in North Carolina it will be a bit harder to get internships in fashion since it’s pretty limited. All the major corporate offices are in NY and LA. Could you ever do a summer internship in one of these cities to get your foot in the door? All of these things are something to think about.” xo, Alexis

  2. Hey Alexis,

    Your blog is very inspirational. I want to majoring in Marketing and seeing this is amazing. I was wondering because I love Bebe and other stores. Is it best to start working there and progress or go for an intern at the position I want? Also, where is a good place to see if there are any opening of jobs in industries like these?

    Thanks again Alexis

    • “It sounds to me from your inquiry that you are probably in high school now about to hit college and pick your major? In that case I think you should gain some experience working in a store you are a fan of. It’s always good to know how the company functions on a store level it will help you gain valuable insight and you will get a good idea of the merchandise mix. You can also look for a summer internship at one of your favorite retailers but this will be more difficult depending on where you live. Most fashion corporate offices are typically based in NY and LA. Go online and research the companies you are interested in and get in touch with someone in the HR department to see if they are offering any internships.” xo,Alexis

  3. Hi Alexis,

    My name is Denise Anne, I’m currently a second year communications major at the University of Florida, as well as a stylist at the Gainesville Bebe. I chose communications originally with the same intentions you did, but I have ultimately decided that I want to go into the Public relations field of fashion. I have previously worked with ny and Miami fashion week and know this is career field I want to settle in. As far as looking for internships, where do you believe is the best place to get started, Ny or L.A.?

    Thanks a ton!
    -Denise Anne

    • “Head to NY, this is the fashion capital and the best place to learn your craft. Investigate and research brands you admire and would like to work for and see if they have any internship you can apply for. Good luck!” xo,Alexis

  4. Alexis,

    I graduated college 4 years ago and had been working in Advertising/Marketing for firms here in LA. I’ve worked two entry level positions, one at a Skincare Line and Spa based in Orange County and one for a Marketing Firm. I recently decided I want a career change and want to venture into the fashion industry. The 9-5 job at a firm selling and working campaigns that weren’t my passion or drive finally got to me. I have a degree in Advertising from CSUF and a minor in Business Administration. What suggestions do you have for someone like me looking to break into the the fashion world? I would prefer working in the marketing or public relations departments like you do, but know I have to start from the ground up all over again. Any suggestions in this hard economy?

    • “I would definitely suggest trying to get an internship at a fashion house that interests you. You will get your foot in the door which will help you network and learn more about the business. Good luck!” xo, Alexis

  5. Hi Alexis,

    My name is Maria Andrade, I think BEBE is an amazing store and I love the fact that the shoes are so comfortable, even if you’re wearing 6 inch heels. I’m about 5’2, so I’m always in search for really high-heel shoes. Not only does BEBE have these type of heels, but they feel great and supportive. I’m planning to get married next year in August, and I’ve been looking for white glitter wedge booties. Sometimes, when I think about a shoe that I would love for someone to create, it usually comes out. This is the reason why, there was a period when leopard wedge booties were becoming very popular and everyone had them, but mainly the top designers, which were very expensive, and weren’t affordable to me. So I hoped that BEBE would come out with 6 inch leopard wedged booties, and they did. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did I purchase them but I also bought the black Charlotte studded booties, which were also 6 inches. I love wedge-heels because they are easy to walk in and very comfortable. I feel amazing every time I wear these shoes, that’s the reason why I’m dying for BEBE to come out with 6 inch white glitter wedge booties. Since BEBE already came out with the Mariah Satin Glitter Peep Toe Pump, I’m hoping for the booties next. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the design team, but I haven’t had much luck. Would you be able to help me, how to go about this? Thank you!

  6. Hi my name is Tammie I really adore Bebe. I am a Business Marketing Major and I was thinking interning into fashion . I was looking for Bebe stores in Atlanta maybe if I work in the store it would give me some type of idea. If I can pr and remain an Business Major. Would it be possible for me to stay in my same major and intern at Bebe?

  7. Hi Alexis,

    I am currently a stylist at the bebe in Providence, RI and just finished my first year of college. I am interested in majoring in communications, PR, or journalism. After reading this article, I am completely inspired by the amazing job you have. I love my job and I love working for bebe! But, the idea that I can grow and possibly stay with the company sounds like an amazing opportunity! Do you have any suggestions for me to intern for the company? Or how to possibly get my foot in the door to allow growth in the company? I know we are California based, and I’m not sure if the fact that I am located in the East Coast is restricting for me. Any constructive guidance would be well appreciated!

    Sincerely, Nicole Nahabedian

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