Exclusive: How to Make Your Wedding “You”

We’ve got weddings on the brain with the launch of our first-ever bridal collection! So we turned to the experts at BRIDES magazine for some fab tips and tricks, straight from their in-the-know editors. Every bride wants her wedding to be special, personal and totally memorable…so if you’re planning yours now or just fantasizing, we think you’ll love these creative knot-tying ideas.

STYLUST: How do you recommend a couple goes about picking a color palette? 

BRIDES: Choosing a color palette can feel like one of the most overwhelming wedding planning decisions. And while we think planning your whole wedding around specific “wedding colors” might be a little old-fashioned, picking a color or a palette will help guide your other decisions and ensure that the entire event looks cohesive. Your color palette should be used as a guide, not a hard and fast rule—these days, your bridesmaids’ dresses shouldn’t match the tablecloths!

Color palettes can come from anywhere, but if you are having trouble choosing one, look for inspiration in your wedding location or the time of year. Consider the décor of your reception site (rugs, walls, etc.) as well as the style of your wedding. Muted colors feel more suitable for a formal event, while bold contrasting colors are more modern. You should also consider the season and the flowers in bloom at that time of year. Pastel hues offer a springtime feel and darker, richer colors look great in winter.

Still stuck? Click here to try our color studio tool.

STYLUST: Do you have any tips for a bride on picking a wedding gown that fits her body type?

BRIDES: Every bride should consider her body type when choosing a dress. Here are a few tips to finding a gown that will flatter your figure:

  • To create the illusion of curves, or flaunt the ones you’ve got, try a fitted mermaid silhouette—it hugs your body and creates an hourglass shape.
  • If you have a thicker midsection or apple-shaped body, you’ll look best in a silhouette that nips in at the waist with a belt or sash, or one with asymmetrical pleating that will instantly shrink your stomach.
  • Pear-shaped brides look great in empire-waist gowns or ball gowns—especially in a more structured fabric, which can help hide problem areas.
  • If you are a bride with a small chest, extra volume on the bodice—in the form of pleats, sculptural draping or ruffles—will make the bust look fuller.
  • Petite brides look great in empire waists, which create the illusion of longer legs, while taller brides can carry off a dropped waist.
  • A few styles look great on every body, like the A-line, which elongates your figure and can hide your tummy.

STYLUST: What are some easy ideas for fun, personal favors? 

BRIDES: Wedding favors are a fun way to add a touch of personality to your wedding. We love gifts that are edible, and we think it’s especially great to give treats that have special meaning for you and your fiancé.

Consider packaging up something made from a treasured family recipe (and include the directions on the favor tag) or give a sample of one of your all-time favorite cookies or candies.

Your wedding location can also inspire treats that have special meaning. Local delicacies such as saltwater taffy for a wedding at the shore or splits of wine at a vineyard wedding make perfect souvenirs. Important places to you as a couple (like where you met or got engaged) can also give you great ideas.

Browse more edible favors here.

STYLUST: What are some creative ways to arrange flowers for a spring wedding? 

BRIDES: Unique vessels and shapes can make even the simplest flowers pop. Arrange flowers in vintage suitcases or antique birdcages for an eye-catching display. A simple (and budget-friendly!) idea: arrange sprigs of lavender, heather and other blooms in mason jars or vintage vessels. You can also have your florist create your monogram out of moss and seasonal blooms.

Add a little extra pizzazz to toast time by floating rose petals in the bubbly. (Yes, they’re edible!)

Browse more flower ideas here

STYLUST: What are some unique signature drink ideas for the wedding reception? 

BRIDES: Signature cocktails can be a great way to personalize your reception and help set the mood.

When it comes to special beverages, it’s all about the presentation. You can spruce up simple drinks with a colorful straw or unique glassware. For outdoor weddings, offer drink dispensers filled with non-alcoholic beverages to help guests cool off.

A big trend we’re seeing is pairing miniature versions of drinks with hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour. Who could resist mini margaritas and fish tacos?

Check out signature cocktail ideas in our gallery here.

A special thanks to the editors at BRIDES magazine for all these amazing and super helpful tips! Let the wedding prep begin!

~ by bebe on March 20, 2012.

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