Q&A: Abby of Style Me Pretty Shares Some Wedding Secrets

As if picking the perfect wedding dress wasn’t hard enough! Planning an entire wedding could easily send us into full-on bridezilla mode. Thankfully, there are chic bloggers like Abby Larson, editor and co-founder of Style Me Pretty, who provide such beautifully inspirational content on a daily basis. Here Abby shares some important wedding pointers. So what are you waiting for? Turn that nail-biting tear-a-thon into a giddy plan-a-thon!

Wedding scrapbooks ready?

Stationery by Cheree Berry via Style Me Pretty, photography by Harwell Photography 

STYLUST: What are some fun ways to personalize wedding invitations?

ABBY: The options are endless when it comes to personalizing your wedding stationery, and that’s why we just can’t get enough of all things paper. In fact, we might just be a tad bit obsessed. Whether it’s a custom logo, the color you choose or even the size and shape of the invite, there are a million and one ways your invitations can set the tone for your big day. We love when the paper products carry a feel that follows the guests from the moment they get the invitation in the mail to that very last cocktail. Invitations set the tone of the entire affair, so making them pack a punch of personality is something we can’t get enough of!

Via Style Me Pretty, photography by Lauren & Abby Photography

STYLUST: What are some creative ways for a bride to work something old, something borrowed and something blue into her wedding ensemble?

ABBY: Brides are super creative when it comes to this adorable mantra, and we absolutely LOVE it. For something old, we’ve seen everything from brides wrapping the sleeve of their mother’s gown around their bouquet to rocking their grandmother’s veil. And for that sweet something borrowed, jewelry is always a gorgeous way to incorporate the tradition—but we’ve also seen brides borrowing each other’s gowns or a headpiece or even their shoes! Something blue is where we see brides really stepping out of the traditional wedding box—from the perfect blue heels peeking out from under their gown to actually doning a blue dress, folks are really having fun with spicing this trend up!

Via Style Me Pretty, photography by Anne Liles Photography

STYLUST: How do you choose a bridal hairstyle that works with a gown’s neckline?

ABBY: One of the many things we LOVE about the wedding world today (and the brides in it) is that there are no rules. And this is definitely true when it comes to hair. It used to be updos meant elegant and flowing locks meant casual, but the rules have changed and we couldn’t be happier about it! Our biggest piece of advice is to find a vendor that you trust and love that will work with your style, and go for something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, whatever it may be!

STYLUST: What are some cute ways for bridesmaids to look different from each other but still coordinate?

ABBY: Seeing a lineup of lovelies is one of our favorite things, and when they are decked out in serious style—well, we get a bit giddy. Gone are the days where bridesmaids dresses are something to be feared. We are seeing brides dressing their besties in frocks they can’t WAIT to wear again. Which we LOVE. To incorporate this into your own wedding, give your ladies a color palette and let them pick a dress they love. Or choose one of the many fabulous designers out there that have many styles in one color so your bridesmaids can pick the style they feel most comfortable in. We also see maids all lined up in a row with a rainbow of colors—and we love that too! Anything goes!

Via Style Me Pretty, photography by Krissy Allori Photography

STYLUST: What are some unique centerpiece ideas?

ABBY: As weddings become more personality filled, every last detail gets a big dose of what makes the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. tick. One place where those details can make a big impact is the centerpiece. Centerpieces aren’t just for flowers anymore—anything and everything can take their place! From fabulous book displays to sweet fruit-filled vases to gorgeous succulents and chandeliers, infusing your tablescape with unique touches is the PERFECT way to add special meaning to your big day.

STYLUST: Any last wedding tips or tricks you’d like to share with our readers?

ABBY: Don’t be afraid to be creative! This is one of THE most important days of your life—and it should be a complete and total reflection of you and your honey. Whether that’s treating your guests to a late night pizza snack and dancing the night away to your local Fab Four cover band or throwing that ’60s-inspired wedding you’ve always dreamed of, our favorite weddings are ALWAYS the ones in which your love story really shines through each and every glorious detail. And, really, what’s better than that?

~ by bebe on March 27, 2012.

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  2. Sarah & Andrew –I think these pictures expsres the love & joy of all who were fortunate to celebrate with you on your very special day. It was a memorable event with some planned & unplanned surprises! I truly enjoyed working with you & your families in planning this wonderful day.I wish you both a long life of fun, laughter & joy. Best Regards –Linda Amedo

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