Styling Tips: 4 Fab Ways to Wear Leggings

This week, our go-to area manager and stylist Jolyn is back with expert advice on styling the comfy fashion essential that everybody loves: the legging!

Do not underestimate the legging. It is the trend that just keeps on giving and will continue to do so indefinitely. “Indefinitely?” you may ask. YES. The reason is simple:  the legging keeps reinventing itself.  Remember “jeggings”?  Those jean-inspired leggings that we all hated at first then reluctantly found ourselves loving? Then, if memory serves me right, it was the colored legging. Fast-forward to today: what do I see in the latest issue of Men’s Health? MEGGINGS!! (For those of you who haven’t yet heard of this phenomenon, “meggings” is leggings for men.) What a novel idea! 

While “meggings” may not be your thing, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, worry because there are more than a few new legging trends for you to try this spring. The printed legging is not only on trend but a fun way to bring a little pizazz into your wardrobe, and if it’s not your thing, fret not. Liquid leggings and embellished leggings hopefully will likely be a little more up your alley. 

LOOK 1>> Liquid leggings are magical. They have the incredible ability to transform any dull and drab outfit into something that looks effortlessly chic. The fashion possibilities of the liquid legging are endless—and the versatility quite impressive. With a white tee, with a tunic, under a miniskirt, with combat boots, with sky-high heels—or, as in this look, under an ultra-fab blush pink hi-lo dress—you really can’t go wrong. Pair liquid leggings with the expected and unexpected. I love this look because the dress says “sweet and innocent,” but paired with the leggings and pops of black accessories, the look transitions to “edgy” and is very reminiscent of our favorite spice girl, Posh. Thus, while it may take some more powerful magic to land our very own David Beckham, with a pair of liquid leggings on, you never know.


GET IT>> Dress: Mesh Cutout Ruffled Peplum Dress ~ Legging: Zipper Front Wet Legging (out of stock on right now but you can try this one) ~ Bracelet: Leather Wrap & Stones Bracelet ~ Handbag: Robertson Pleated Leather Mini ~ Shoe: Makaela Patent Toe Cap Pump

LOOK 2>> Remember that cult classic movie There’s Something about Mary? I feel so strongly about denim shirts lately that I honestly feel I could direct and star in a movie entitled There’s Something about Denim Shirts. Not to take away from leggings, which are the stars of this post, the denim shirt is so versatile and on trend right now it only makes sense to pair it with these leather-detailed leggings. I’m a big believer in teaming form-fitting silhouettes with looser ones, and the leather details of this legging give you the opportunity to mix more pops of leather into the look, seen here with the two layered wrap bracelets and patent leather-toe pumps. It’s rodeo princess meets biker chic…and believe me, it’s going to be a blockbuster hit.


GET IT>> Lace Shirt: Pintuck Lace Yoke Silk Tank ~ Denim Shirt: Utility Pocket Denim Button Up Blouse ~ Legging: Swirl Inset Legging, 205089, $89 ~ Bracelet: Mixed Metal Chevron Stretch Bracelet ~ Necklace: Colorblock Geometric Statement Necklace ~ Shoe: Makaela Patent Toe Cap Pump

LOOK 3>> There are times when I look in my closet and wonder, “What was I thinking?!” And while I know we’ve all had these moments, lately mine have a common theme: hemlines. The dresses and skirts I once wore are, GASP, suddenly too short and too form fitting! But before you go crazy obsessing over hemlines like me and start gifting those pieces to your (younger and shorter) sisters, I have an easy solution. You guessed it, leggings. These ultra-fab baroque-print leggings are layered here under a dress that, while Las Vegas appropriate worn alone, may show just a little too much leg for the winter or weekend. That being said, leggings are amazing for layering! So there’s absolutely no need to make a charitable closet donation to anyone, ladies…because all it takes is a little layering, a lot of love (because I know you will LOVE your reinvented look) and of course…leggings.   


GET IT>> Dress: Contrast Patch Overlay Dress ~ Jacket: Paula Peplum Jacket ~ Legging: Baroque Damask Legging ~ Handbag: Beverly Hills Leather Tote ~ Necklace: Hammered Coin Statement Necklace ~ Shoe: Willow Suede & Wood Sandal

LOOK 4>> In life and in fashion, some things take a little getting used to. So if you’re feeling like you’ve conquered the legging trend and find yourself yearning for more, bold printed leggings are for you. The transition to this trend may take some time, or may never be your thing, but I will say this: fashion is all about risks. So, love it or hate it, be open to it because this look is all about having fun and making statements. When working with stripes, it’s always fun to mix a bold pop of color into the look. Stay away from mixing other white pieces into a striped look as different shades of white can clash and create a “muddy” effect. A simple leather jacket will always pull together a printed legging outfit and create balance as the print contrasts with the solid piece. Ready to try a printed pair? I’m willing to bet you’ll soon be reaching for them as often as you do your basics.


GET IT>> Jacket: River Moto Leather Jacket ~ Sweater: Sheer Yoke Sweater Top ~ Legging: Stripe Legging, 207581, $69 (currently out of stock at, but coming back soon or try this one) ~ Shoe: Makaela Patent Toe Cap Pump

~ by bebe on February 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “Styling Tips: 4 Fab Ways to Wear Leggings”

  1. I love the last look. Those leggings are fierce.

  2. So pretty!!! Love the denim shirt look!

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