Chill Out! These Mouth-Watering Popsicles Are Our Fave Summer Treat

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What’s the next best thing to a refreshing cocktail when temperatures start rising? Why an icy treat, of course! But don’t be swayed by an anti-swimsuit-friendly colorful container in the frozen aisle at your local grocery store—try these sweet, guilt-free and easy-to-make popsicle recipes. They’re a perfect way to impress guests at a BBQ or pool party and make excellent late-night and post-workout snacks.  -Popsicle-RecipesImage sources from left to right, top to bottom: Just Baked by Me, Emilie Murmure, Two Loves Studio, Love & Olive Oil, Comfort of Cooking, Stress Cake, Honest Cooking

1. Cookies & Cream Popsicle

2. Lemonade Popsicle 

3. Blueberry & Orange Popsicle

4. Tequila Watermelon Popsicle

5. Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicle

6. Avocado Lime Popsicle 

7. Coconut Milk and Honey Popsicle

Awe-Inspiring Getaway Destinations

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Nothing like a fantastic getaway-locale photo to start inspiring our vacation wardrobes! Whether it’s deep diving in Mexico or cocktails on a yacht, you can be sure our suitcases are busting at the seams with maxi dresses, printed scarfs and about five to seven pairs of sandals to start…

beach pool Location: unknown; Image source: Studded HeartsItaly BeachLocation: Cinque Terre, Italy Photo credit: Vivabood6a132fac584fa433cb2b873b7d89f19Location: Unknown; Image Source:Tumblr  boat beach swimsuitLocation: Unknown; Image source: TumblrDeep Diving MexicoLocation: Yucatan, Mexico; Image source: Diving Abyss


Spotted: Fashion Blogger Sheryl Luke in a Pair of bebe Denim & Lace Cutoffs

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Shop: Lace Detail Cut Off Shorts, similar top: Twist Hem Sheer Button Up Blouse, similar jacket: Emma Asymmetric Moto Jacket

We’re always looking for hot new bloggers with a keen eye for effortlessly luxe style to inspire us and share with our readers and fans. Our latest find? Sheryl Luke’s fashion blog Walk in Wonderland! We just adore her eternally chic California boho look! So when we spotted her in a pair of our lace denim cutoffs, we just had to share! Make sure to check out the new collection of denim shorts on our site and her blog for more West Coast-cool inspiration. 


Model Moment: Wild Child Marcela Vivan

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bebe modelPhotos borrowed from Marcela’s Instagram.

Meet Brazilian model Marcela Vivan, a skater wild child from São Paulo with a charming accent and piercing green eyes. We were fortunate enough to catch up with her in between tropical set changes in our Los Angeles photo studio. Wearing a white bodycon, crunching on Takis and sporting a bright pink pout, she gave us the lowdown on all things Marcela.

STYLUST: When did you start modeling?
MARCELA: I never actually wanted to start modeling, but everyone kept trying to push me into it. One day my dad, who knows everyone, called to tell me he met someone at a bar in São Paulo. He was like, “I met this guy who got married to Gisele’s manager and I told him you were really pretty.” They didn’t believe him so he asked me to send him a photo with my phone so I sent him a photo like this… (she pretends to take a selfie)

STYLUST: Where have you traveled so far?
MARCELA: My first trip was to Argentina, Japan and then Milan. My mom traveled with me for a year or two because my dad would never allow me to go by myself. When I turned 17, I made my first trip to Europe alone and then New York City and then landed in LA.

STYLUST: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
MARCELA: Brazil! It’s my home.

STYLUST: What’s your fave place in LA?
MARCELA: My boyfriend lives in the OC so the OC. I love going to the beach!

STYLUST: How would you describe your style?
MARCELA: I’m not sure. Every time I come to work at bebe I’m wearing something baggy. So maybe rocker? But sometimes I dress up like a little boy. So maybe somewhere between rocker and grunge.

STYLUST: What’s the perfect weekend outfit?
MARCELA: Anything comfortable that I can put a bikini under.

STYLUST: What do you love most about modeling?
MARCELA: Traveling to London and Tokyo. You get amused by everything!

STYLUST: What is something most people don’t know about you?
MARCELA: I’m into videogames and skateboarding. I’m obsessed with Zelda to the point that I’m thinking about getting a Zelda tattoo.

STYLUST: Any advice for girls who want to go into modeling?
MARCELA: Don’t think it’s that easy because it’s not. I gave up my home in Brazil, I lost my friends and I never see my family. Yes, traveling is amazing but modeling is definitely not glamorous.

Can’t get enough of Marcela? Follow her on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter

Styling Tips: Jolyn’s Guide to Mixing Brights

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color wheelPhoto Credit: katie kinsman

This week, our go-to area manager and stylist Jolyn gives us the dish on pairing bold colors! Check out her fabulous outfits and tips below.

Mixing and matching colors can sometimes be a risky little game to play. While you don’t want to look like your outfit is “tasting the rainbow,” you also don’t want to be that color-shy girl who sticks to pairing a single color (or no color at all) with black, white or plain denim. Rest assured, I am here to help. Use a color wheel (as illustrated below) to help create harmonious color combinations and, I promise, mixing and matching will suddenly be a cinch.

It works like this: pick a color on the wheel, then use the color section directly opposite to find a shade that’s complementary. And color wheels go beyond just outfits—it’s also genius to use one if you want your pedi and mani to “mesh well” or even to coordinate makeup colors. So pop open that bag of rainbow-hued candy and get inspired, because nothing says summer like a bit of color.



Nothing heats up a safari jacket more than a pop of red—and yes, while this olive green jacket would look perfectly A-okay paired with neutrals and denim, that look would be so expected, while the pop of red is so incredibly unexpected yet completely color complementary. Dark hues also look amazing paired with gold as gold has a tendency to “warm up” any look, so while it might not be hot yet in your neck of the woods, this outfit will warrant turning up the AC.


This look is quite the visual illusion. What may seem like a sherbet-y fun miniskirt is really a bodycon dress layered under this gorgeous blue asymmetric top. Not only is this color combo coordinated oh so well, but layering on a top is a fun way to change the look of a form-fitting dress. Wearing more flowy pieces over form-fitting ones adds a different and stylish dynamic to an outfit…especially when you’re layering with colors! Since you’re mixing different textures (and colors) in this look, keep accessories neutral as seen here with the beige clutch and shoes, both with pops of gold. This look will keep you bright all night and even into the wee hours of the morning.


Yellow and purple is one of my favorite color pairings as it’s so beautifully unexpected. While it may be an “aggressive” color combo for you if you are “color cautious,” think of smaller ways to pop color into your look. This flowy dress, I must admit, is a lot of yellow, so while I don’t recommend pairing it with a purple blazer or even painting your walls with these two colors (as the color wheel also works wonders for home decor), use the complementary color as an accent as seen here with this perfectly polished purple mani. Not only are you adding color to your look in a visually appealing way, but really, who can argue with an outfit that’s clearly so put together?

Spotted: Sydne Summer in a Pair of bebe Shorts

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Guess who we spotted rocking a pair of red bebe shorts? Fashion blogger Sydne Summer from Sydne Style, that’s who! We love the way she styled our shorts with a denim cami and used a button-up as a cover-up on her beach outing. It put us in the mood to load up our summer closets with pop-bright shorts, summery tank tops and sky-high sandals!

bebe sydne style

Shop a similar look: Wrap Around Tie ShortsPadded Bra Cami, Western Pocket Denim JacketChainlink & Love Script NecklaceHeather Self Wrap Studded WedgeLogo Monogram Satchel

5-Hour Flash Sale Starts Now!

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Get 20% off the latest (regular-priced) summer styles . Perfect time to get those super-sexy pair of party shoes, summer dresses or luxe clutches on your wishlist!

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Here are some of the items topping list…

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